General framework

Apeiron – General Framework.
60 pages zin made as a part of a common project with Flygur
Risography, 50 pieces, A4 format. 2022.

It is neither water nor any other elements that are not first principles. At the core of all lies “apeiron”- (“unbounded” or “indefinite”) – a infinite, non-perceivable substance from which arise all the heavens and the multiple worlds within them. “Apeiron” had always existed, filled all space embraced everything and, by its constant motion, separated opposites out from itself, e.g., hot and cold, moist and dry. The opposing state are under a general framework, being concentrated in a certain uniform, from which they are singled out. “Apeiron” directed the movement of things, by which there grew up a host of shapes and differences. These multiple forms return to the indefinite, into the vague immensity from which they had issued. It is the infinitive process of genesis and dissolution, which works inexorably through the ages.